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Early Years and KS1

Get immersed in the natural world at Folly Farm – and learn at the same time!  

All these programmes are full day sessions (10am – 2.30pm)

caterpillar-991433_1280Hungry Caterpillar

The concept of life cycles and how insects use their senses, colour and camouflage to survive are explored through a focus on caterpillars and butterfliesHungry Caterpillar info


Bee on comfreyMiniature Worlddragonfly-wing

Follow a game of chance trail through the woods and understand the vital role mini-beasts play on your way.  Learn about their importance as pollinators, decomposers and as part of the food chainMiniature World info

 Teddy Bears’ PicnicteddiesiStock_000003728224Small

A highly imaginative programme providing an exciting series of activities to help children learn the Needs of Life for all living thingsTeddy Bears’ Picnic Info



Oak canopypine-cone-creatureSenses and Creativity

Immerse yourself in the nature through a wide range of sensory games and activities, eg making a colourful collage, creating a cocktail of smells, performing a play through touch, smell and sound, meeting a tree or appreciating the woods in an upside-down way! Senses and Creativity info KS1



“We had a magical day that reinforced school topics.  We had an opportunity to both consolidate and extend school learning.” Westleigh Infant School, Backwell.

To check availability and book, contact info@mygreenworld.co.uk

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