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Early Years and KS1

Get immersed in the natural world at Folly Farm – and learn at the same time!  

All these programmes are full day sessions (10am – 2.15pm)

caterpillar-991433_1280Hungry Caterpillar

The concept of life cycles and how insects use their senses, colour and camouflage to survive are explored through a focus on caterpillars and butterfliesHungry Caterpillar info

“We had a magical day that reinforced school topics.  We had an opportunity to both consolidate and extend school learning.” Westleigh Infant School, Backwell.

Bee on comfreyMiniature Worlddragonfly-wing

Follow a game of chance trail through the woods and understand the vital role mini-beasts play on your way.  Learn about their importance as pollinators, decomposers and as part of the food chainMiniature World info

Colourful Flowers

Our flower identification trail helps children to see how flowers spread their seeds and to focus on their colours. Match colours in the woodland and create your own palette. Then think about how a plant seed grows and make a pot to plant your own seed in!

 Teddy Bears’ PicnicteddiesiStock_000003728224Small

A highly imaginative programme providing an exciting series of activities to help children learn the Needs of Life for all living thingsTeddy Bears’ Picnic Info

Oak canopy


Spring violet

Senses and Creativity

Immerse yourself in the nature through a wide range of sensory games and activities, eg making a colourful collage, creating a cocktail of smells, performing a play through touch, smell and sound, meeting a tree or appreciating the woods in an upside-down way! Senses and Creativity info KS1


Cost :per child £8.50. To check availability and book, contact info@mygreenworld.co.uk

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