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Family Fun activities are for you and your family to experience the magic of the woodland at Forestry England’s Leigh Woods together.

 Owl Prowl with WildOwlTV (Ian McGuire)

Friday 2nd October 2020 – 6.15pm for a 6.30pm start

Getting out on an autumn night for a walk in the woods, listening to owls, is a magical experience! Come and learn about British owls with owl specialist Ian McGuire through his iPad presentations, knowledge and experience and as he calls for a tawny owl response. If we’re really lucky, one might just fly into view too! Find out about our amazing UK owl population, what they eat, how they fly and what are owl pellets??!

Barn owl hunting at dusk

Although tawny owls are Britain’s most common owl, and many people know its toowhit toowoo call, they are in a slow but steady decline, especially in the South West. Despite this, Leigh Woods is perfect habitat for them and we know they are faring well here.

Cost: £10.00 adult, £32.00 family, child (7+) £7.50 Book Here

No captive owls are used at this event.“My son absolutely loved the Owl Prowl at Leigh Woods in January. So much so that when asked to do a presentation to his class he chose Owls (he could have chosen any topic). It was amazing how much he remembered from the talk. He wrote knowledgeably about lots of aspects but his favourite by far was owl pellets and how they are made. Typical boy who loves icky things!” JD, Bristol

My Green World at Leigh Woods activities are run by experienced outdoors tutors who are DBS checked and First Aid qualified.

Please note: Whilst we use the Green Barn for shelter and activities where necessary, we will be spending most of the session outside, so warm, waterproof clothing and footwear is essential. All materials will be provided.

Disabled access: The area we use is flat but uneven in places. Disabled toilet facilities with a ramp are available.


How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Email My Green World at

or call Anna : 07941 379660

Where do we meet?

We will meet by the signboards at the beginning of the red and purple trails in the main Forestry England car park. The car park is at the end of the long, humped drive down into Leigh Woods, the entrance to which is located oppostite Clifton College Sports Complex on Abbots Leigh Road (A369). The postcode for the FC office at the top of the drive is BS8 3QB.

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