Early Years and KS1

Get out into the wild outdoors at Leigh Woods – and learn at the same time!  

These programmes are available as half day sessions: 9.30am-11.45am or 12.45pm-3pm or full day: 10.00am-2.30pm.

“We were very impressed last year which is why we booked again and were not disappointed!” St Philips Primary School, Bath

hanging dormouse
wild-flowers-1144092_1280If You Go Down to the Woods Today… (Spring, Summer, Autumn, year 1/2)

An exciting series of activities to help children learn why trees are so important- to humans and many other animals. Find the hidden boxes and discover why so many animals make their home in Leigh Woods! Become a woodland animal and see what happens when your trees are cut down. If you stay for the afternoon we’ll build an animal den and play a game reinforcing what we’ve learnt.  If You Go Down to the Woods Today… info

Big Forest Bug Hunt (Spring, Summer, Autumn, years 1/2)

The woodland is home to very many mini beasts and we’ll be looking for them. In this introduction to habitats and food chains, discover what jobs mini beasts do in the woods, where they live and what they like to eat – or what eats them! Big Forest Bug Hunt KS1 info


Woodland Wonders (All year, years EYFS-2)2017-10-22-PHOTO-00000097 (3)

Many city children rarely get the opportunity to experience a truly wild woodland habitat. This programme immerses them in the nature of Leigh Woods through a wide range of sensory games and activities, enabling them to return to school armed with new ideas, new vocabulary and a deeper understanding of the natural world. If it’s a full day session we’ll create our own poems as well! Woodland Wonders info

Miniature World (All year, years 1/2)dragonfly-wing

Follow a fun and exciting game of chance trail through the woods and understand the vital role mini-beasts play in our world on your way.  Learn about their importance as pollinators, decomposers and as part of the food chain. We finish with a mini beast hunt. Miniature World info

Team Building (All year, year 2)

Engage the class in imaginative activities to encourage and improve team work, problem solving and collaborative thinking. Typical challenges include: learning to trust your partner as you are guided around the woods to play ‘hug a tree’; building a shelter out of natural materials that is big enough for the team to fit inside; decorating a ‘magic wand’ with natural finds and creating a secret trail through the woods for others to follow. Team Building info

Colourful Flowers (Spring, Summer, years 1/2)

20170426_112647 (2)Our flower identification trail helps children to see how flowers spread their seeds and to focus on their colours. Match colours in the woodland and create your own palette. Then think about how a plant seed grows and make a pot to plant your own seed in!


Brilliant Birds (Spring, Summer, year 2)

blackbird-2126845_1920Follow the trail through the woods to find out what happens to our birds in spring time – the challenges they go through to raise their young. Find out what different UK species of bird eat and collect their food to take to the nest! If it’s a full day programme we end with making a willow bird feeder. Brilliant Birds info

Writing the Woodland (All year, years 2-4)20170102_122347-3

Torpid dormouse

Sleeping dormouse!

First, we follow the dormouse’s story as we travel from tree to tree. Then, by becoming part of a ‘living tree’ and using the objects they find around them, children conjure up characters and ideas to create and perform their own narratives.  Writing the Woodland info



caterpillar-991433_1280Hungry Caterpillar (Spring, Summer, years EYFS/1)

The concept of life cycles and how insects use their senses, colour and camouflage to survive are explored through a focus on caterpillars and butterflies. If it’s a full day programme we make a butterfly art palette and play a butterfly feeding game too! Hungry Caterpillar info

Autumn Antics (Autumn, years 2/3)Hedgehog in late evening light 3

red-squirrel-570936_1280We follow the trail of the hedgehog, the jay and the squirrel to find out how each prepares for winter! Build a hibernation home for a small mammal and see if you can keep it warm enough to survive through the winter months. If it’s a full day you’ll also create some beautiful autumn woodland art and test your memory just like a jay does. Autumn Antics info

Cost : Half day – £4.80, Full day – £7.00 per child, with accompanying adults free of charge

To check availability or to book, contact info@mygreenworld.co.uk


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