Get out into the wild at Leigh Woods – and learn at the same time!  

All programmes are available as half day (9.30am-11.45am or 12.45pm-3pm) or full days (10.00am-2.30pm) on request. 

Symmetrical leafTrees and Trails (Spring, Summer, Autumn years 3-6)

Our Trees and Trails programme encourages children to follow a simple map to locate certain trees in the woodland. Can they identify each one using ID charts and focus on the leaves to look at symmetry, lines and edges? Then we create our own woodland trail for others to follow! If it’s a full day session we try measuring the height and age of a tree, and think about the importance of trees in our world.   Ecology (trees) info

“The children loved spending the day with you. They gave rave reviews to their parents, who were thrilled that they were spending the day outside, learning so much and taking such an interest in the mini beasts.” Southville Primary School, July 2019.

Team Building (All year years 3-6)

Engage the class in imaginative activities to encourage and improve team work, problem solving and collaborative thinking. Typical challenges include: learning to trust your partner as you are guided around the woods to play ‘hug a tree’; building a shelter out of natural materials that is big enough for the team to fit inside, camouflaged and waterproof; decorating a ‘map stick’ with natural finds to make a trail for your team mates to follow. Team Building info

Craft & Creativity  (Spring, Summer, Autumn years 3-6)

Immerse yourself in the nature of Leigh Woods through a wide range of creative and craft activities.  This can be as part of a Living History session with a historical theme or simply creativity based. Activities can include: performing a play through touch, smell and sound; painting with natural materials and ‘woodland’ paint; making a picture out of felt; building a hurdle out of willow and hazel; weaving on a Y-stick; making clay runes; creating an Andy Goldsworthy-style work of art! Craft & Creativity info

Big Forest Bug Hunt (Spring, Summer, Autumn years 3-5)

The forest is home to very many plants and animals. In this session we hunt in microhabitats for typical woodland mini beasts and focus on adaptation, food chains and food webs. Find living examples of each stage of the food chain and make a living web! If it’s a full day session we’ll also focus on soil, how it’s made and how minibeasts are soilmakers with some fun activities. Ecology (mini-beasts) info

Writing the Woodland (All year years 2-4)

First, we follow the dormouse’s story as we travel from tree to tree. Then, by becoming part of a ‘living tree’ and using the objects they find around them, children conjure up characters and ideas to create and perform their own narratives.  Writing the Woodland info


Cost : Half day – £4.80 Full day – £7.00 per child, with accompanying adults free of charge

To check availability or to book, contact

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