Get out into the wild at Leigh Woods – and learn at the same time!  

All programmes are available as half day (9.30am-11.45am or 12.45pm-3pm). 


  Ladybird taking offsnail-405384_1280Big Forest Bug Hunt

The forest is home to very many plants and animals. An active quiz to match pictures with descriptions helps children learn about which plants and animals live in this type of woodland and the relationships between them.  Big Forest Bug Hunt info

Team Building

Engage the class in imaginative activities to encourage and improve team work, problem solving and collaborative thinking. Typical challenges include: learning to trust your partner as you are guided around the woods to play ‘hug a tree’; building a shelter out of natural materials that is big enough for the team to fit inside, camouflaged and waterproof; decorating a ‘map stick’ with natural finds to make a trail for your team mates to follow. Team Building info


chart-35773_1280Symmetrical leafMaths in the Woods

Maths in the Woods puts ideas learnt in the classroom into a real-life setting and allows both the time and opportunity for those ideas to be developed without any of the maths hang-ups which can occur in the classroom. Skills learnt are transferable and adaptable, helping children with problem solving tasks in the curriculum.

This programme is tailored to meet the needs of each year group. Maths in the Woods info


tree-909705_1280green-recycling-iconWoodland Ecology

This programme gives KS2 children an introduction to basic ecology: Learn where all energy on the earth comes from and how it transfers down through food chains and food webs. Discover the important inter-relationships between plants and animals, with a focus on woodland species.   Woodland Ecology info



Cost : Half day – £4.80 (+VAT) per child, with accompanying adults free of charge

To check availability or to book, contact

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